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Art pricing


Prints will be giclee printed on museum quality paper and originals will be painted on canvas or archival museum quality paper . Please contact for a quote for your painting to be created. One half would be due to start on the painting and the balance may be  divided into two more payments of needed.


The limited edition prints vary in the size you would like and start at 11x14 for $250.00 and go up to 30 x40 on some for $600.  Larger sizes will be on canvas.


I am now offering 11x14 prints of my Original Art Faeries and my limited editions of different paintings , they will be hand enhanced with watercolor, pastels and prismacolors. They will start at $250.00 plus postage and you will able to enjoy them in your home or office. They are printed on museum quality paper or on gallery wrapped canvas for a slightly higher price.


Essence Faeries ( are painted images of my interpretation of your loved one as a faerie) are painted on fine watercolor paper with watercolor, of course, pastels and pencils. The originals are $400.00 plus postage and are 11x14 in size. We will also be offering 11x14 giclee prints and are hand enhanced with the same skill as the originals. They are offered for $250.00 plus postage . One half due at the start of the painting and the balance may be divided into two payments if needed and then the painting will be mailed when fully paid for.


Note cards of my original art are 6 for $30 plus postage. Your choice of which 6 or all alike. Whatever strikes your fancy.

Postage will be added to all art pieces.


The watermarks will not appear on any of your finished work.


The Ciggies are of my own original art, Crazy Quilters love these are $9.00 each plus postage. More images coming often.  The Ciggies, Silkies or little art pictures are printed on poplin fabric and 3.5 x 4.5 in size.   If you want smaller or larger just contact me and I will be glad to print the size you need.  8x10 being the largest for these.  Now you may ask what is a Ciggie?    I call them that because in the olden days as a gift to the lady of the house a little silk picture was inserted in a package of cigarettes for the gentleman and a gift to the ladies.   Some call them Silkies also 


The Crazy Quilting pieces are different prices according to what the piece is. Lets talk about them. I will have more to display soon.


The "Day of the Dead" art pieces are wall hangings coming soon







2017 Art Images by Annette